Pincode Checker on PDP & Cart page

This add-on will help the customer to check the availability of the product via a Pincode. Through this feature, a customer can easily know that a delivery is possible at their desired location or not. It is too simple; you only enter a Pincode & check availability. You can add the validation of Pincode in the product & cart page. It is very easy to configure & use at the admin end. How to Enable Pincode Checker? 1. Click on Settings->Your Apps-> Pincode Update

2. Enable an option " User can check Pincode is serviceable or not on PDP & address" & click on the save button.

3. Create your own CSV with pin-codes. Add only those pin codes which are reachable for you and delivery is possible.

4. Upload CSV & finally click on the Start Import button.


How does the Customer check Pincode availability?

  • Customers can check the Pincode is serviceable or not from the PDP Page. Here we have entered Pincode 118. An Error message is showing to a customer: "Not a valid Pincode".

How Pincode works in Add & Edit Address

  • If a customer will try to enter an invalid Pincode, a customer gets an error message: "Pincode is not serviceable".

  • What will happen if an address is already saved with an incorrect Pincode? In this case, an error message is thrown once a customer clicks on the Place order button.