Invite your team

Member roles are assigned based on the type of login used. You can assign the duties & roles to your staff on the basis of their job role. Steps: 1. Click on Settings->User Role. 2. Click on the +Add User button.

2. Enter email-id & choose the user role to which you want to assign the role.

3. Once you click on the Invite button; invited mail will go on entered user mail id. Through that mail, a user can set its own password for your store.

4. There are different roles & each role has its own rights & duties defined. We will define each role one by one for better understanding. 1. Admin If you assign the role Admin to any member of your team. He/she is able to access all features of the CommerceUp dashboard. 2. View Catalog If you have given access to "View Catalog" then 3. Editor 4. Marketing 5. Orders View Only 6. Orders 7. Customers 8. Storefront & Theming 9. Blogs 10. Store Setting 11. Setting 12. Order In Dashboard