How to Create Delivery Method For Your Online Store?

Putting an effective e-commerce shipping strategy in place is one of the impactful steps you can take your business online. And through these effective shipping methods; you can increase your customer's satisfaction by giving them a more efficient shipping & delivery experience. Through CommerceUp Platform; you can define minimum & maximum delivery time intervals & also display the available delivery date to customers. How to create a shipping method in the CommerceUp Platform? To create a delivery method & its rules you have to follow the below steps: 1. Create a Delivery Method In this step; you have to create a delivery method with a name & adding an image for it. To create a delivery method; you have to click on the Delivery methods option. a) Click on Settings->Your Apps->Delivery Methods.

b) Add the default country with any of the states in the "Fill your country code & state name" field. Here we are adding the country India with state Uttar Pardesh. What's the use of this default country & state? Once any guest customer comes to your online store then the delivery date will show of the default country & state. Once the address has been added then the delivery method & its delivery date will change accordingly to that.

c) Click on Create New Method for creating a new method for delivery. In this created method, you can give the name & add an image of it.

d) Once the method is created click on the save button.

What other operations you can perform?

  • You can edit & delete your delivery method.

2. Set Delivery rules for all countries & their areas. This is a very important step so do it very carefully. In this step, you have to create the delivery business logic for all the areas of countries. Please follow the below steps. 1. Go to Settings->Your Apps->Delivery Methods.

2. Click on the Set Rules button.

3. Create rules for shipping countries & their areas. a) In this step; we are creating a rule for the states of India. We are creating a rule for states "Arunachal Pradesh" & "Uttar Pradesh" Look at the fields of Delivery method & their meanings: 1. Shipping Method In this field chose your shipping method. Here we are choosing the method "Express". 2. Shipping Cutoff Time(24 hours) Shipping Cutoff Time is basically the last time on which your applied delivery logic will work. Here this method will work before 11: 00 am. After 11: 00 am this method will expire & another method will work for the added areas. 3. Shipping Min Day Through this column, you can add the minimum time in which a customer will receive an order. We have set the minimum: 1 day for delivery method express. 4. Shipping Max Day Through this column, you can add the maximum time in which a customer will receive an order. And it is the final delivery time. We have set the maximum: 2 days for delivery method express.

b) In the next step; we are creating a rule for the country India. This rule is country-wise, not area-wise. If a customer chose other than Uttar Pradesh & Arunachal Pradesh then this rule will work.

In the same way; you can create n no of rules.

3. Add Delivery Method name in Products. In the second step; we will add the created delivery method name in all the products. This is possible via 1. Edit Product a) Click on All Products->Edit->Other details.

b) Chose an option Delivery method name from the Delivery method dropdown menu.

2. Via Import If you want to update the delivery method name in bulk, use the option Import. Go through the below steps: 1. Click on Bulk Upload 2. Upload CSV

3. Map your delivery method field with the CommerceUp field deliverymethod.

4. Start Import.