PickUp Location
Pickup Location feature allows your customer to choose their own preference location from your own online store. With that preferable location your valuable customers can also place the order.
To enable this feature on your online E-commerce store; please follow the below steps:
    Click on Settings->Shipping Provider->PICKUP
    Click on the + button.
3. Add the Pickup Location store address information. In this section; you will add the pickup address required data like store name, contact no, Country, State, City, Line1 or address and postal code.
You can mention the date & time slot for picking up an order for an end customer.
    Minimum Days & Future Days: Through this column; you can add the date which are available for pickup. Here we have set the minimum days set to 1 & future days set to 3. Pickup date will be available from tomorrow to next 3 days. Suppose we are adding this data on 25th August. Then on store pickup date will start from 26th August to 29th August
    Start Time & End Time
You can mention the starting & ending time for pickup an order.
4. Enable your Pickup Location by click on Enable Pickup option & save your location.
How PickUp Location will show to your customers on Your E-commerce Store?
Pickup Location will be shown to your customers on checkout page. Customers can choose an option: No, I want to pickup & select a location from Select Locations drop-down menu. With that preferred location customers can place an order.
Chose a Slot: Customer can chose a date & time slot for pickup an order.
Customers can also fill the address manually without chosing Pick-Up address on the same page.
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