Referral Partner

Refer your clients and peers to commerceup and leave rest onto us.

A referral partner is a business associate who recommends a particular company and its services in exchange for something of value. If the recommendation results in a sale, for example, the company might reimburse the partner when the deal closes with a percentage of the earnings or a pre-determined monetary reward called a referral fee.

Who can become a referral partner?

From a student to an e-commerce consultant, anyone can partner with commerceup for the partner program. Here are some of the popular categories amongst existing commerceup partners:

  • Web & app developers

  • Digital marketing service providers

  • Web hosting services

  • Bloggers and influencers

  • Freelancers & unregistered businesses

  • E-commerce consultants

  • Individuals & students

Any business, ranging from an enterprise to an individual, with a client base that needs online store for their business can be a part of this program.

How this works?

You are an individual/company who knows another individual/company who are looking to start an ecommerce business or looking to migrate from existing ecommerce platform.

You need to provide us details of referral with your reference note, You can also help us in scheduling an introductory call with our sales team. Rest you can leave upto us, Once client is confirmed, You will be paid 25% of referral fees on the first invoice or total initial setup fees.

Terms & Conditions :

  1. You are entitled to get referral fees once client has paid the amount for initial setup and store is live on commerceup.

  2. You are only entitled to take 25% of initial setup fees and it does not imply on monthly subscription fees or any add ons / upselling features.

  3. If client revokes the subscription in less than 3 months, We are entitled to consider your referral partnership again.

  4. You might be required to attend in meetings until unless client has finalized the setup.

  5. Invoices will be raised by Commerceup and your details of referral fees can be visible on commerceup partner dashboard.

  6. You are not advised to onboard any customer without prior information to commerceup account manager.

Already have some referrals? Write to us at with your details to connect or schedule a call at

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