How to Add users in Bulk

Adding a user through the platform one by one could be taxing especially when you are migrating from another platform to commerceup, to save you from going through such trouble we have a feature to add users in bulk using a CSV file and importing it to the platform. To do so, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Customers -> User -> Import

2. Now, in order to import users in bulk, you will have to prepare a CSV file containing data of your customer in the format illustrated below, you can also download the sample CSV from here:

3. After you have a CSV ready to import, click on the Import Users button, then in the Import Account window, click on the Upload CSV button

Once your CSV is uploaded, click on the Start Import button to import all the users that you had in your CSV file.

4. The imported users will now be visible in the main user window. All the imported users will now have their source marked as Import.

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