Sale (Flash Promotion) Timer

Flash sale is a discount or promotion offered to the customers for a short period of time or less than 24 hours. In these types of promotions, quantity is limited which means the discounts are often higher or more.

Flash sale is different from regular online sales in three different ways:

  1. Promotions & Discounts are notably better than what your business usually offers.

  2. A limited selection of products are on sale, often combined with reduced stock availability.

  3. The timespan of a flash sale is much shorter than your online store's normal sale window.

Why choose Flash sales for your business?

  • The time limit & limited availability of products entice your customers to buy the items on the spot.

  • As an e-commerce store owner, you can use it as a valuable promotional marketing tactic.

  • It can attract online shoppers at any time.

  • You can increase brand awareness & customer loyalty & compel your shoppers to check out other non-sale products listed on the site.

How to Use Flash Sale in CommerceUp

There are a few simple steps through which you can implement flash sales in your online e-commerce store.

  1. Click on Marketing ->Sales

  2. Click on the Create Sale button as shown in the below figure.

3. Fill in all the required information for creating sales.

4. Click on the Save button to save sale details.

5. Select the sale from the global active sale drop-down menu.

6. Click on the Enable button to enable flash sale on your store. Don't forget to click on the Save button.

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