Product Customization (ADD-ON)

Customization of Products has become the boom in the e-commerce industry. Such a model of working with consumers allows the company to provide customers with the opportunity to receive a product made according to individual wishes. How to Enable Product Customization feature? This feature is for enterprise clients. And can only be enabled from the CommerceUp dashboard by the Admin as per the clients' request. Once enabled by the admin, you can add the customization details for your products. There are two ways through which you can add the customization details in Products: 1. Via Edit Product - By this method, you will be able to customize an already existing product in your catalog. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

a) Go to Catalog->All Products, click on the Edit button associated with the product you want to customize, and then click on the Additional Details tab.

b) Enter the values in the given fields, as per the description given below for each field:

1. Additional Field Name In this field, you have to mention the name of your customized product for which you want to get the customization from your customers. for eg: What will be the length of the Jacket sleeves? This customization is different for each customer as per their body structure or their needs. To get the exact requirement you have to collect the exact data. 2. Display Type Display Type is of two types: "Text" & "Dropdown". a) Text-> If you want to add a static field where your customers can enter a random text, choose a field type "Text".

b) Dropdown: If you have a number of options for your customized product, go with the Dropdown option. for eg: If you have a Trouser waist as an additional field name, it has more than one option. In that case, we have to choose the option "Dropdown". 3. Additional Field Value:

This column is blank in case of display type: "Text". And in the case of display type: "Dropdown", you can give the multiple values separated by a comma.

Step3: Save data Finally, click on the Save & Next button to save the details. 2. Via Bulk Import

To upload customization details for bulk products; you can use the bulk upload feature.

  1. Click on Bulk Upload

2. Click on Upload New Products or Update Existing Products. If you are going to add the Additional Field data in New Products, click on the Upload New Products tab. On the other hand, if you are going to add additional field data in existing products, click on Update Existing Products. Here we are adding additional data to the existing product. We have a product name Brown Suit- Cotton. We want to add customization details in the variant. SKU: Brown Suit-S. We are going to add fields. 1. Additional Field Name-Jacket back length, Display Type -Dropdown, Additional Field Value-24,24.5,25,25.5. 2. Additional Field Name -Name Initials, Display Type-Text. CSV: This CSV has SKU no, Product Name, and Additional data. We are using this CSV to update the existing product.

Importer: You have to map with your Additional data field with Commercefield additionalInfo. And product name & SKU with Commerceup fields Product Name & SKU.

Additional data in Product via Import Here you can see: We have uploaded Jacket back length & Name initials with their respective values. Name Initials with display type: Text & Jacket back length(in inches) with Display type: Dropdown.

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