How to create a Facebook Shop

What is a Facebook Business Account? Facebook Business Account is a tool designed for managing your Facebook pages and managing ad accounts. By using a Business Manager, you can :

  • Manage access to your Facebook page and ad accounts - see what individuals have access to your pages and ad accounts and remove or change their permissions.

  • Work with the agencies - you can also share your Business Manager account with agencies so that they can help you manage your ad campaigns.

How to create a Facebook Business Account in just a few steps?

  1. Create a page of your store in order to create a FB shop.

  2. To create a business manager account just click on the below link:

  3. Click on the SetUp and follow the steps.

  4. Add your Facebook page and submit.

How to manage your Facebook catalog? Once you have created your business account, you will be able to access your dashboard.

Click on Manage > Manage Catalog/ Catalogue. you’ll be redirected to your dashboard and click on the Catalog Manager.

  1. On the configure the catalog page select the ‘Upload Product Info’ and save next.

3. Now your catalog page has been created, click on next and view the settings.

4. Now, click on the Product Data Source then on Use Data Feeds option and save next.

5. Click on the Select Upload method > Add Data Feed URL and submit the URL which is mentioned on your CommerceUp Dashboard.

6. Set up the timing as mentioned below.

7. Click on the link and go to the catalog manage

8. Add a product and then click on the added product, here you’ll be landing on a page name “Use Cases”

9. Select the FB page and select the currency, now your shop is ready.

10. Now to view the shop, go to the use case page by clicking on the added product. Here you’ll see the below screen.

11. Now, Click on the view shop button and you’ll land on the Facebook page where you can view all the products by clicking on the Shop button.

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