How to manage Taxes for Your Online E-commerce Shop

Managing GST tax is very important part for any e-commerce store. We make the process very easy through which you can handle the tax part & upgrade your store with an additional GST taxes.

There are two types of taxes which you can manage for your online shop.

  1. Inclusive Taxes

  2. Exclusive taxes

The basic difference between these taxes is that if you want to show the added tax to your customers then you have to go with an Exclusive taxes. In this case you only have to update the GST taxes in your products. No need to update store price on the basis of GST price calculation.

On the other hand; Inclusive taxes doesn't show to your customers but they are already added to your products prices. In this case you have to update GST Tax & store price both for your products.

Exclusive Tax: Update only GST tax in your products. Additional tax will show on your online shop.

Inclusive Tax: Update both the GST tax & store price. Store price will update on the basis of GST price.

For better understanding; read all the given below steps one by one & do the same.

How you can create Taxes on CommereUp Platform

  1. Click on Settings->Tax Rules.

  2. Click on Add New Tax Rule button

  3. Tax GST dialog box will appear

  4. Fill up the required fields & click on save button

1. How to Add Inclusive Taxes for Your Online Products

There are two ways to add inclusive taxes for all your added products on your online shop.

a) Add GST TAX Manually

In this method; you have to add tax manually means one by one for all products & calculate GST price on the basis of store price.

  • Go for the product for which you have to add the Inclusive Tax.

  • Click on Catalog->All Products->Product->Edit->choose the Tax type.

  • Click on Save button.

Let's clear with an example:

Let Original Price of Product: 500 INR Store Price of Product: 400 INR GST Tax: 5% Calculation: Store Price/GST Tax= 20. This GST tax is included in the Store Price itself. After adding GST Tax: Store Price will become: 420 INR.

Now you have to add the Store price of that particular product i.e 420 INR after calculating GST price. In the same way; you have to add for all products or for the products for which you want to show GST Tax. Please keep in mind : In case of Inclusive Tax all calculations will be done at your own level. Customers will see only store price with Inclusive of tax. No extra calculations will show to your customers. Store Price itself included the additional GST Taxes.

On E-commerce Store:

  • Product Description Page:

Here you can see the store price of product is 420 INR with included 5% GST additional tax.

  • . On Cart Page:

Your customers will view the Store Price only. No additional tax will show to your customers. Store Price included the tax itself. Many of e-commerce sites are doing the same like

Hence this method is very long & makes you tidy because you have to add tax-type & update the store price manually. You can do this process through Import itself & update the GST Tax & store price collectively instead of one by one.

Just take a small look:

b) Add GST Price via Import

  • Prepare your CSV Sheet:

Here I will add GST tax for a single product with column name tax & GST Price : GST-5. And calculate my store price on the basis of GST & added in my CSV sheet.

  • Map your CSV Tax field with CommerceUp Tax Name field

You can map your CSV field with CommerceUp field. And after uploading your CSV sheet will upload & all the added GST tax will add in the products.

Note: Format of GST Tax:

GST-5, GST-10, and so on. Please use this way only in your CSV sheet as same we showed in the CSV sheet which I uploaded here as an example.

  • Click on Save Button & Run Import

After mapping all the CSV fields; click on Save button & run import.

2. How to add Exclusive Tax For Your Products

To use exclusive tax; you have to do the following setting:

Click on Setting->Advanced Features->Product Tax Exclude. You have to enable the Product Tax Exclude tab if you want to show the additional added tax to your customers on your running online shop.

Same steps you have to follow which we have mention above for Inclusive Tab.

You can do this: By manually: means one by one upload GST taxes for all product. But here you don't need to calculate the store price on the basis of GST.

Because now GST price will shown to your customers as an extra charges in price details on Cart Page.

And second option; you can add tax via Import but here don't need to update store prices on the basis of GST price as this is Exclusive Tax.

The difference you can view on your online shop.

On Cart Page:

Here tax is showing to your customers as an extra field name as "Estimated Tax" to your customers. This field will show on Cart Page, Checkout Page, and on Order Detail Screen.

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