How To Add Tags For Brands Products

If you want to make a collection of specific brands or show only specific brands rather than all. Then you can do this by adding a tag on brands. Through this feature you can show the most exclusive brands of your store to your customers. You can add your brands in different categories through tags & make them a separate collection.

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How to Add Brands And Tags

To add a tag to any brand, you have to create a brand first which is very easy. We will do the following steps one by one.

Step1- Add Brand In Products

You can't create the brands directly you have to add them in products first. Let's create a Brand "Test" to a product by going to Catalog --> Add New Product

Step 2- Add Brand

Click on Catalog->Brands->Add Brand. You have to add your created brand now. Finally, click on the Save button.

Step 3- View Created Brand

Once your brand is created, you can view it in your brand list. (Note - On clicking the View button, you will be directed to your brand page on the store.)

Step 4 - Add Tag

Now to add a tag to your brand, Select the brand to which you want to add a tag to. And click on the Add Tag button.

On clicking on the Add Tag button- it will open the "Add Tag" window through which you can add a tag for your brand. You can add more than one tag by separating each tag using a comma (" , "), For example, here we are going to add "Exclusive" and "Luxury" as tags.

After adding the tags, click on the Save button.

The tags you have added will be visible to you on the Brand section screen.

Step 5: Remove Tag

If you want to remove a tag from the brand "Test" Select the brand from which you want to remove the tag. And click on the Remove tags button. Enter the name of tag which you want to remove & click on the Remove button.

Step 6: Update Tag:

You can update the existing tags and change the name of the tag. To do so, select the brand for which you want to update the tag. Then click on the Update Tag button. In the Edit tag pop up, enter the name of the previous tag & give a new name to the previous tag. Finally, click on the Update button.

Note- If you are going to update any tag, then please remember you have to link with the menu (Navigation bar) again. Because of the change in the tag name, you have to link with the new tag name, otherwise, the link will be broken.

To know how to link a tag/brand, read:How to Link Tag with Navigation Menu

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