Catalog (Product) Management

This section will explain : how to add products in commerceup.

In the Catalog Management section, you are going to learn how to add different types of products, update the existing products, add new categories, brands, create new collections, add product reviews, attributes, customize filters, add meta tags, and promote products using boost value and much more.

But before we continue to learn how to add new or update existing products in the catalog, we first need to understand the type of products that can be added or displayed on your online store.

Product Types:

Commerceup allows two kinds of products to showcase in your store.

  1. Simple-Item

  2. Config-Item



Simple items are products that do not have any variations in terms of size, color, or any other attribute. Such products only exist in one form. For example, below is the perfume bottle having only one size/volume, and does not have any other variation.

Config items are products that have some variations in terms of size, color, or any other attribute. All such variations are called "Variant". In other words, the main Config-item is a Parent product and all variants are the "Children" of this config-item, and all these variants are linked to their respective parent product in your store.

For example, below is a perfume bottle having different volumes, and these variations in volume size are known as a variant of config-Item.

To know how to add a Simple-Item to your catalog, visit:Add Simple-Item Products (Basic)

To know how to add a Config-Item to your catalog, visit:Add Configurable products with variants like size and color (Advanced)

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