Introduction to CommerceUp

CommerceUp is an 'Ecommerce as Service', SaaS-based eCommerce platform with an end-to-end solution to set up an online store and fulfill your unique business needs. Our vision is to cater to the different needs of B2B and B2C businesses in the market with a one-stop eCommerce platform for all their needs.
If you are looking to start your business online or want to upgrade your eCommerce platform to the latest technology, CommerceUp provides everything you need to kickstart and manage a scalable eCommerce business.
We offer a complete design & digital agency experience to design, build and launch your online store. Our in-house team can help create a unique tailor-made eCommerce experience for your business. Even if you are already using any legacy eCommerce platform, it's time to migrate to commerceup in easy steps in less time.
We have used the latest technology stack such as Angular for frontend, NodeJs/MongoDB for Backend, AWS servers to store your data and run API requests. CommercUp is powered by Amazon-web services (AWS) ensuring 99.99% uptime and scalability to cater to any sudden surge in traffic so that you don't have to worry about server performance. Now, rather than waiting for months to launch your store, you can have a fully customized, highly scalable eCommerce store in a few weeks. Moreover, pre-integrated marketing tools and industry-specific add-ons not only save time but also help you in engaging your customers and increase your sales from your existing store.
We are currently active in India and UAE and have worked in different industries including all-in-one marketplace, grocery, home décor, fashion & clothing, perfumes & accessories, and much more. We love working with different brands and our vision is to enable such brands to focus on their core competencies and not worry about the technology and tools required.
We offer a 15-days free trial to give the user a Real-time experience of using an online store. You can sign-up on the website for a free trial. To get started, visit:
Once you decide to upgrade, You can reach out to our support team or can write an email to us at [email protected] and we can build your bespoke online store.
For pricing, you can visit: Pricing
If you are interested in knowing more about the product, Checkout our 10 minutes product tour here: Product Tour
If you are already selling on another platform but would like to move your store to Commerceup, then check our next post. Why migrate your online store to commerceup