State Level Shipping

Putting an effective e-commerce shipping strategy is one of the most impactful steps which you can take to grow your business online. In the CommerceUp platform, you can apply rules for the states as well. Here we will guide you; how you can apply rules for the states. Before reading this document please go through our previous document "Shipping Rules & Their Methods".

How To Apply Rules For States In Shipment Rules & Methods:

1. Add a country first in which you want to sell your products online.

2. In the next step; add a state for which you want to apply the shipping rule. Click on the Is Areawise option to enter states for which you want to apply rules.

3. Apply the rule for the added state. Here will apply the rule only for Andra Pradesh & Bihar states which come under India. We are applying the rule: "No Free Shipping". For every order, charges will be applied AED 25. Please note this shipping rule will apply only for added states i.e Andra Pradesh & Bihar.

4. In the same way; you can add rules for other states which come under India. If you don't apply the rules for other states, the same rule will apply which you have been added for states "Andra Pradesh" & "Bihar" Here we are applying rules for other states i.e "Arunachal Pradesh" & "Chandigarh". 1. Click on the "Add New Type Rule button" 2. Add country "India" & click on the Areawise option button. 3. Add states: " Andra Pradesh" & "Bihar". 4. Apply rule: " Free Shipping Above Order Value 500".

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