How to add categories in bulk

Using the bulk upload feature you can add categories to your products while creating new CSV for bulk product uploads or you may also update categories for existing products via CSV file.

  1. To add categories to your products while creating a CSV file to add new products to the catalog, You just have to Fill in the Categories column of CSV with the Main category and Subcategory separated by a comma. Consider the below image for reference:

The next step is similar to what we do while importing and mapping CSV after you have a product CSV ready to upload. To know how to create and upload CSV file, read:How to create a CSV file for Bulk uploading New Products and How to bulk upload new products via CSV

2. You can also update the categories of existing products via the CSV file. To do so create a CSV file having one column of SKU and another column of Categories. (NOTE- The SKU that you fill in should be of the product whose category you wish to update.)

The next step is to just upload the prepared CSV and Map it with the respective Commerceup fields. To know how to update existing products in bulk, read:How to Bulk Update Existing Products

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