All Products

The "All Products" tab in the catalog section is used to manage all your products. You can take multiple actions from here like - Add product, delete a product, Export the list of al products, Publish/unpublish a product, Edit product details and many more. We will go through all the action one-by-one.

  1. You can add a product from here by clicking on the "Add Product" button. To know more about how to add products, visit: Add New Products

  2. You can add Products in bulk by clicking on the "Bulk Upload" button and you will be directed to Bulk upload section. To know how to add products in bulk, visit: Bulk Upload

  3. You can export the details of all your products that are in your catalog in a CSV file by clicking on the "Export" button and then selecting one of the options from pop up. You can either select "Export Basic Fields" or "Export all fields". In the former, you will get all the basic details of your product's data like SKU, name, price, quantity, active, and created date. And in the latter, you will get all the details related to your products.

Select one of the options from the pop-up and click on the "Export" button. You will receive the export data file in your registered business mail.

4. You can delete your products by clicking on the "Delete" button. To know more, visit:Delete Products

5. You can Edit, View, Delete, or publish/unpublish your product's from the same all products tab.

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