Reports will provide important detail that can be used to help develop future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning & improve decision-making. The reports which are generated from the system should help the management to take informed decisions. In the CommerceUp Platform; there are different types of reports which helps you to understand the loopholes for your business. CommerceUp Report System: There are different types of reports which you can accessed through E-commerce Platform which gives you a detailed information about the sales through different ways. Will discuss each report one by one. 1. Sale Over time. 2. Detailed Order Report 3. Product Wise Detailed Order Report 4. Product Wise Consolidated Sales Report 5. Customer Wise Sales Report 6. Customer Wise Consolidated Sales Report 1. Sales Over time The Sales over time report shows the number of orders and the total sales that you have made over time. You can select custom date range & filters as well. In this report you can check the order count date-wise & also verify the net sale value for your business.

Created date: The date on which order created & placed via a customer. TotalValue: TotalValue defines total order amount. OrderCount: It defines the count of order. TotalAvgValue: It is calculated by TotalValue divided by the Order Count. (TotalValue/OrderCount). CancelValue: If any product gets cancelled out of order, its value will get show in the CancelValue column. NetValue: Total Value -CancelValue NetAvgValue: NetValue/OrderCount

  • Apply filters

You can apply filters also : Order Status, Payment Method, Source, Customer Country, Customer State, and Customer City. As per the filter applied you can view your report & analysis the result.


2. Detailed Order Report This report shows the detailed report of order with respect to date range. In this report you have the product sku code, product name, category of the product, quantity, brand, product original price, sales price, delivered date time, and so on. On the same report you can apply the filters and also download the report.

3. Product wise Detailed Order Report In Product wise Detailed Order Report; you can verify the total order sales value of the products datewise. In this report; you can check on which date how many orders gets placed by checking the quantity. And check the total sales value of the products.

4. Product wise Consolidated Sales Report In Product wise Consolidated Sales Report; you have detailed information of the sales product. The only difference between the product wise detailed order report & product wise consolidated sales report is the difference of one column name i.e Createdate.

5. Customer Wise Sales Report This report group your sales according to customer for each date. You can also download this report.

6. Customer Wise Consolidated Sales Report This report shows how many orders been received by particular customers in a given date range. You can applied the given filters to view the result & also download the report.