With the increase in online shopping, making your store available for different vendors to sell their products or services has made a big impact in the eCommerce business, this can be easily observed by looking at giants such Amazon, Flipkart, etc. where they created a marketplace for every seller/retailer be it small or big. In the simplest of terms, a Multi-vendor store is a marketplace where independent seller can sell their products or services using a single storefront.

And this is one of the strongest features of Commerceup where different vendors can sell/supply their products through a single storefront which not only makes them part of an eCommerce marketplace and grow their own business by selling their products but also boost the store owners business by bringing in additional stability with an increase in the store’s engagement leading to higher margins.

In the following article, you will learn what are the features that a store owner (admin) has access to and what features he can provide to its different sellers through Commerceup’s Multi-Seller Backend. And later on, you will get to know how it can be enabled and how to operate the “Multi-Vendor Store”.


The store owner will have full access to this ecosystem by having complete control over its vendors in the following ways:

  • Admin (Store Owner) can register new sellers through the backend.

  • Upload their products using CSV files made by the sellers.

  • Update the products they have already added in terms of quantity either individually or in bulk.

  • Assign already existing products in your catalog to different sellers having distinct quantities.

  • Monitor all their products and sales they have made or orders they have received.

  • Provide them with their backend URL to access their products or dashboard for their sales and orders.

  • Create a support system through which they can contact you regarding their concerns.

To know more about these features, visit:Features List for an admin in Multi-seller System.


The Sellers will have access to numerous features such as-

  • A separate dashboard for each vendor.

  • Upload Products via CSV.

  • Update Existing Products in Bulk using CSV.

  • Manage Orders through the “Order” Section available.

  • Export Orders CSV and Inventory.

  • Participate in promotion via sending mail to the owner.

  • Access to support center run by the owner.

To know more about seller features, visit:Features List for a seller in Multi-seller System.

To know how to Create an Admin profile and Seller Profile for multi-seller marketplace, visit: How to Enable Multi-Seller Marketplace

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