Support Center

This is a dedicated support system we have integrated into our platform so that we can provide you with a comprehensive user experience and satisfaction with the best technical and customer support. Using our support center you will be able to raise any issues that you may have or encounter, and we will be there to assist you with any solution necessary.

Through this Support center you will be able to:

How To Raise an Issue Ticket?

To Raise a ticket, follow the below steps:

  1. From the platform backend, go to Support Center -> Raise Ticket

2. In the Raise a Ticket window, Fill in details of your issue like Summary (Title of Issue), Select the Issue type from the "Set issue type" dropdown menu, give a description of your issue in the Description Box and attach any file with that.

For example, here the Summary (Title) of the issue is - "Manual order error", the relevant issue type selected from the dropdown menu is "Order Not Processing", And Description is - "Order is not processing when created manually".

Note - If you don't find relevant issue type in the dropdown menu, then select issue type as "Other" and describe the issue in the Description Box down below.

3. After filling in the issue details, click on the "Create Issue" button.

Once your issue is Created, you may check the raised ticket by clicking on the "View Raised Ticket" button.

4. In the Next window, the newly generated issue will be listed in the "Open" tab. From here you can check the status of your issue, Ticket Number, and View Details of the issue you Created by clicking on the View button associated with your generate issue ticket.

5. In the View window, You will be able to edit the issue you created by clicking on the Edit Ticket button, check the Due Date assigned to your issue, and after your issue is resolved, you may Mark it as done by clicking on the "Mark as Done" button.

The Closed issues will then be reflected in the "Closed" tab.

Note - After you raised an issue ticket, your Account Manager will review the issue and provide a Due date by when it will be resolved by our team. And once you are satisfied with the solution, you may close the issue.

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