Multiship - Create multiple shipments in an order

About Multiship You can individually ship your items or in a group to different providers (like Emirates Post or SkyEx). It will adjust the needs of each customer & shipment, faster routes, and more service options for all shipments.

  • Fulfill Orders As Normal

  • Give Your Customer A Better Shopping Experience

  • Calculations for the split order is automated for COD amount

  • You'll be able to handle unexpected situations like the immediate delivery of products.

  • You can generate packing & shipment slips separately for each shipping provider.

How To Enable Multiple Shipment Provider

  1. Click on Settings--> Shipment Provider

2. Enable an option '''is Shipping Manually'''. And chose the multiple shipping providers for creating multiple shipments.

How you use Multiple Shipment Providers In Orders You can create multiple shipments with different shipment providers in a single order. Look at the below steps:

  1. Click on Orders -> View Order -> Choose the products for which you want to create the shipment.

  2. Click on Options (near "No Shipping Provider" Label) -> Create Shipment -> Select the shipment provider

  3. Selected items will be grouped into one shipment now.

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