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Customer Management

The Customer management section consists of all the relevant data, functions, or information you will need to manage your store users. Through this feature, you will be able to add new users, add reviews to your products, view the device type, or view the wishlist of users through a single screen. This section can help you analyze where your traffic is coming from and which demography does your user belongs to, so that you focus on making your store more efficient.
To know how to add a new user manually, visit: How to Add New User
To know how to add users in bulk, visit: How to Add users in Bulk
To know how to add product review, visit:How to Add Reviews
To know how to export user data, visit: How to Export User Data
To know how to check wishlist, visit:How to View Wishlist/Cart/Orders of a User
To know how to add review in bulk, visit:Import Review in Bulk