How to Enable Multi-Seller Marketplace

Now, let’s talk about how you can enable a multi-vendor marketplace in your store. To do that, Go to Multi-Seller -> Sellers, now click on the Enable Multi-Seller button.

So far all the products that you had in your catalog, by default all them had just one seller i.e. “YOU (ADMIN/Store Owner)”, but when you enable a multi-seller feature in your store, you will have to create an ADMIN seller profile which is necessary to distinguish b/w you and other vendors.

Note- Once you create an ADMIN seller profile in the Multi-seller option, your existing products will have another tab in “Edit Product” as “SELLER DETAILS”.

How to Create an ADMIN seller profile?

To create an ADMIN seller profile follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to, Multi-Seller -> Sellers -> Add Seller

2. Now in the next screen, fill in all the details (refer to the image down below) and click on the Save button.

3. Once an Admin profile is created it will be listed in the sellers' list.

As you can see, all the access that the admin has is mentioned in green by default. Every seller is provided with a unique ID.

Also, by clicking on the View button associated with a seller (here-ADMIN), you can view their Products/Orders/Dashboard. And by clicking on the Edit button, you can update the sellers' data like Profile/Inventory.

Once you have added an ADMIN profile, all the existing products will have ADMIN listed as a default supplier in their “Seller Details” tab with the quantity.

Note – Once an Admin profile is created, it cannot be deleted.

How to Add a SELLER to your Multi-Seller Marketplace?

A seller can be added to your marketplace in the same manner as you did for the admin profile but now you can assign what access you want to give to the seller. To add a seller follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Multi-Seller -> Sellers -> Add Seller, fill in all the details, create a password, and assign the kind of access you want to grant that particular seller from the option available.

2. Click on the Save button. Once you have added a seller, it will then be listed in the sellers’ list.

As you can see, a seller will have ADMIN status as “FALSE”, also the access which is not granted will be “false” too. The seller has the ID as 38.

From here, an ADMIN can view a seller's Products/Order/Dashboard by clicking on the View button. An Admin can also update the seller’s data, change access or update the seller’s inventory by clicking on the Edit button. And also can remove the seller by clicking on the Delete button.

When you have successfully added a seller, a mail is sent to their registered mail id which consists of Login credentials for the seller dashboard with a link to access the seller dashboard.

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