Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn strategy is used by many top e-commerce businesses to incentivize existing customers to recommend the brand and its products to their family & friends. Existing customers can also get a reward for referring their friends. According to research by Texas Tech, while 83% of consumers are happy to recommend their favorite products, and only 29% actually do. And to reduce this gap; referral marketing comes in picture. How To Enable Refer & Earn?

  1. Click on Your Apps->Refer & Earn.

  2. Enter the details. a) Chose the type in terms of flat or percentage. b) Enter the amount c) Usage Limit - Basically this is a limit of referral code usage. Here limit set to 1. It means each customer share the referral code only once.

How a Customer Share the Referral code? 1. Customer will login in his account. 2. Click on My Account section & chose My Wallet option. 3. Copy the Referral code & share to the receiver.

How a Receiver will use the Referral code? 1. Receiver will enter the referral code while signup. Make sure the referral code should be correct.

2. Once a order is placed & delivered to the client then referral amount gets credited to sender & receiver wallet. Amount will credited on the basis of delivered or returned over limit. It totally depends upon your wallet settings. Wallet Setting: It is set to On Delivered now. Then credits will get credited after a order delivered not on return over limit is over.

Wallet of Receiver:

The same amount will get credited to sender wallet also.

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