Product Collections

This is one of the strong features of the CommerceUp Platform where you manually create a collection for the Products for your e-commerce store. With this feature, you can customize the product listing page of your collection in your store as per your need.

What can you do with this new feature?

  • You can re-order your products // Simply drag & drop.

  • You can view your added products in Collection with the help of the View button. // Manageability Easier

  • Create customized product listing with selected products whose link can be consumed by Marketing ads.

  • You can add your collection to Navigation menu.

To know how to create a collection, visit:How to Create a Collection

To know how to add products to a collection, visit: How to add products to New/Existing Collection

To know how to add a collection to the navigation menu, go to:How to Add Collection to Navigation Menu

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