Online Payment Discount Coupon

Coupons are a great way to attract your customers to buy items from your website. Commerce Up Platform allows you to create several coupon types with the customized rules. Customers can enter the coupon code on the Cart page & apply the discount. Online Coupons are specially designed for online orders and will only be applied if a customer uses an online payment gateway. How To Create Online Coupons? We recommend you to go through the below link first if you are completely unaware of how Coupons work in the CommerceUp Platform. Steps: 1. Click on Marketing->Coupons 2. Click on Create Coupon 3. Enter Coupon Code & Description 4. Apply discount options in terms of percentage or flat.

5. Chose an option "Online Orders" from Applies to:

6. Add other related information if it is required.

7. Chose Start & End date & finally click on Save button to save the details.

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