Promote products on top with Boost value

Sponsored Products helps you to increase sales for your online store by reaching customers to your sponsored products or the products which you want to advertise. You can show the sponsored products at the top via search & on Product-Listing Page to your customers.

Additionally, You can also show sponsored Products on the Product Description Page. And this is possible only by adding boost value to the products which you want to advertise in your online shop.

We have already a feature "Update SKU's as most recent in order" through which we can list our products on the top. Sponsored Products are the advanced version of Update SKU's as most recent in order feature.

Look at the difference between the two:

1. We can't show our sponsored product on the Product Description Page through Update by SKU. On the other hand, it is possible by adding a boost value.

2. You can't show products on the top via search with update SKU feature else it is possible via adding a boost value through sponsored Products.

3. With the help of update SKU method, previously added products get replaced with the new input. It means you can't append the value with the old one. It updates the values as it name say. This problem is solved by Sponsored Products boost value.

4. Update SKU as most recent in order: work for the Newest Arrivals Sort-By option whereas Sponsored Products work for the Relevance sort-by option.

1. How to Add Boost Value in Sponsored Products?

You should know what is boost value & how it will work for your sponsored Products. With the help of boost value; you can give ranking to your products & make them more visible to end customers. We will suggest you give at least a minimum difference of value 2 in your boost product value.

Let Product1 has a boost value: 2. Then Product 2 boost value should be 4 or more then 4, not 3. The Maximum limit you can set for the boost value is 2000.

There are two ways you can add boost value to your products.

a) Add boost value manually

b) Add boost value via Import

We wIll talk about both ways one by one:

a) Add boost value manually:

Through this way; you have to open the products one by one & add boost value in them. Click on All Product Tab->Edit Product->Other Details.

b) Add boost value via Import:

You can add boost value in your CSV sheet for your Sponsored Products via Import. It eliminates manual work & saves your time.

  • Add boost value in CSV sheet.

  • Map boost value field with CommerceUp Fields

  • Click on Save button & Run Import

  • Check Logs

2. Manage Sponsored Products & Boost Value

  • Click on Catalog->Sponsored. Through this screen; you can manage the boost value of your products.

  • Let you want to change the boost value of Product- Lenevo Ideapad 330 from 5 to 6. After changing the boost value click on the Save button.

What else you can do?

  • You can enable the Sponsored Products for PDP Page by enabling & disabling "Show Sponsored On PDP" option

3. Manage Sponsored Products in Product-Listing Page.

You can show sponsored Products in Product-Listing Page by adding them in a specific category or adding in the brand.

How to show Sponsored Products in Product-Listing Page?

  1. By adding them to the same category.

  2. By adding them to the same brand.

We are going to add our Sponsored Products by adding them to a Specific Brand "Test" on our store.

  1. All Sponsored Products must belong to the brand Test.

  2. Add Brand Test on Menu Bar.

On Your Online Store: Brand "Test" with Sponsored Products:

Here you can see the first Product : Lenevo Ideapad 330 is having the boost value- 6. This product has the highest boost value that's why this product is showing on top. Look at the second product: Samsung Galaxy A10(Black, 32GB, 2GB Ram) has boost value: 4 the second highest boost value. This is the only reason this product is showing at second position. In the same way, all the products will be shown according to their boost value.

4. Manage Sponsored Products on PDP Page

You can show the Sponsored Products on the PDP Page as well. The product which holds the highest boost value will show on PDP Page. In this way, you can advertise your sponsored product & grasp the attention of your customers.

As we already know our product: "Lenevo Ideapad 330" is having the highest boot value so in every product of Product Description Page Lenevo Ideapad 330 will be shown to your customers.

Let see:

5. Manage Sponsored Products in Similar Products You can also manage Sponsored Products in the Similar Products section. The highest boost value product in the Sponsored Product will show at the first position. In this way, you can manage the ranking of the products.

6. Manage Sponsored Products via Autocomplete

You can show your sponsored product at the first position via search. You don't need anything to do this. Simply add the highest boost value to the product which you want to show on top.


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