How to do Monthly Comparison of Sales

You can do a monthly comparison of sales to understand how your store is performing and take a look at how many orders were delivered, returned, or canceled, and you can also break the analysis category-wise or brand-wise of your orders. Through monthly comparison, you can also analyze how many customers you have acquired compared to previous months.

To do a monthly comparison, go to Dashboard --> Sales Summary section --> Monthly Comparison:

Next, you will have to select the months from the dropdowns (marked in the image below). Also click on the show details to see the exact date when the Order was created.

The monthly comparison window is divided into Order Summary and Customer Acquired.

Order Summary - In this section, you will be able to see the comparison between months in terms of different sub-sections i.e. Canceled/returned orders, Category Breakup, Brands Breakup, and Order Status. At the top of this section. you will be able to see the summarized orders and detail of when they were ordered.

Customer Acquired: In this section, you will be able to compare how many customers signed up to your store or were signed in as guests through different mediums in-between months. For reference see the below image:

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