Brand Management

If you have multiple brand products and would like to show specific brands and their products separately and want to enlist brands as a filter and in a navigation menu, then you can use our Brands feature. It allows you to showcase all your brands and their respective products on a separate page. You can access this feature by going to Catalog --> Brands.

Through this window, you can add a brand, add tags to those brands, update existing tags, and edit an existing brand. Once you have added a brand, it will be visible on the product listing page of your store, from there you can see the products associated with a specific brand.

To add a Brand, go to Catalog --> Brands --> Add Brand

From the "Create Brand" pop-up window, select the brand from the dropdown. and then click on the Save button.

Note- You cannot create a new brand from here, you can only add brands that are already associated with certain products, which can be added to a product by editing its basic details or while creating a new product through the platform.

You can also add, remove, or update tags to your brands. To know more, visit:How To Add Tags For Brands Products

To know how to update an existing brand, visit:How to update an existing brand

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