How to add SEO details on pages in commerceup.

  • Home Page SEO

  • Static Pages SEO (About us/Policies Pages)

  • Products SEO

  • Listing Pages SEO

Home Page SEO :

Home page meta title and description are used to show in google search while anyone searches your website. For ex :

To add these details via dashboard, You need to login in dashboard with credentials and navigate to StorePreferences - SEO You can fill up details there :

Static Pages (About Us/Policies Pages) SEO :

In commerceup you can create unlimited static html pages. Every page comes with its own SEO meta title and description which can be updated while editing any particular page.

You can visit static pages details at

Click on edit of particular page

In bottom part of screen you will find SEO details to update

After updating, Changes will be reflected in your google search after some time. It may take few hours or days to get crawled by google again.

Products SEO

Every products comes with different title and description and we want to make it searchable with correct data to show.

You can fill in the details by editing any product in dashboard and go to SEO Details Tab.

You can also fill these details in bulk and map your columns with commerceup columns as metatitle and metadesc.

Once correct data is updated, You will be able to see data on Google :

Catalog / Product Listing :

Product Listing SEO is automated by commerceup and it automatically picks from the name of categories/brands/collection name and add it to following format Buy <Catgory name> products on <project name>

Buy <Brand name> products on <project name>

Buy <collection name> products on <project name>

We are working on this to make it editable and will be released soon.

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