Google Shop Feed

Google Shop feed is an XML file containing product information that can be used to advertise products on google shop. These feeds are used to display product listings and also help Google understand what your products are all about. Google Shopping feed is what describes and organizes your product information in a way that Google can understand.

Using this feature you will be able to generate a google feed that is updated on the daily basis and use it for the google merchant (or shopping) center feed.

Follow the below steps to enable and generate the feed.

  1. Go to Your Apps -> Google Shop Feed, click on the Set Mapping button.

2. In the Next screen, Map your categories with google and then click on the Save button.

3. Now in the next window, click on the Enable checkbox to enable google feed and then click on the Get Feed Now button to generate the feed.

You can also edit the mapping you did by clicking on the Edit Mapping button from the same screen.

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