Shoppers are far likely to complete a purchase on an e-commerce site that fails to show products in their preferred currency. If we consider international purchases, 76% of shoppers look for sites that are in their home currency, and 19% of shoppers across Canada, the UK, and the US look for multicurrency. The Brands which offer several multiple currency options will be more successful in expanding globally. Why to chose Multicurrency? 1. Sell across the globe by optimizing prices in Multiple Currencies 2. Convert more potential buyers into customers by allowing them to. 3. Shop using their preferred currencies on your online store. How to enable Multicurrency System For Your Online Store? You can easily enable the Multicurrency system by just following the simple below steps: 1. Click on Settings->Store Currency.

2. Select the currency from the "Select currencies for store" dropdown menu. From this dropdown menu, you can choose the currency which you want to show on your store.

3. Click on the Save button to save currencies for your e-commerce store.

How To Add Shipping Rules for Multiple Countries? Once you enable Multicurrency for your online store, add shipping rules for multiple countries. Please go through the document link to add shipping rules for multiple countries.

How MultiCurrency System will work for your Customers? Customers can choose the currency from the currency drop menu from the header strip. The selected currency will show everywhere on your Product Listing Page, Product Description Pages, Cart Page, Order Listing Page, and On Order Detail Page.

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