Attributes & Filters

Product attributes are additional characteristics of a product. These attributes are used to set apart variants from their parent products. You can also use these attributes as filters on your product listing page. For example, A parent product (i.e. Config-item) can have variations in terms of size, color, length, and so on. These sizes, colors, or any other characteristic will be called attributes.

You first create the attribute, such as size. Then, you create values for this attribute. For instance, for size, you can create values S, M, L, and XL. Finally, you can associate these attributes to products and provide specific values to them.

Through the commerceUp platform, you can easily create an attribute and associate it to a product's variation. To know more: How to add new Attribute

Product Filters (or custom filters) are used to filter out the product listing page of your online store and to reach at product description page much faster. Therefore, effective product filters make it easier for your customers to find products in your online store. It is the fastest approach to get your customers from the home page to the product detail page. You may also create custom filters, making it easier for your customers to search for any product with the help of custom filters. It is the best way for any customer to reach out to a specific product.

To know how to add custom filters, read: How to Add and Manage Custom search Filters

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