How to add Mini Shopping cart on Cart page

Mini Shopping cart help customers to keep track of how much they spend & what they buy while shopping on the same page. This will help your customers to view the full cart instead of taking the user directly on checkout page.

With mini cart you are confirmed that product has been added to your cart and also you manage your shopping budget. Now question arises how you can use it on CommerceUp Platform. Our answer is: It is very easy to use. We will explain you step-by-step how you can implement it for your customers & make their journey easy on your store.

How to enable Mini Cart on CommerceUp Platform:

  1. Click on Design Tab->Listing Page->Mini Cart

2. After enable Mini Cart option: Please click on Save & Publish button.

How you can use it own your e-commerce store?

The Mini-cart will be shown to your customer on Product Listing Page. On CommerceUp Platform there are two types on PL-page. 1. Type-1 2. Type-2

You can enable Mini-cart for any of the type as per your choice. We have different cards which you can use for your online shop.

Here I am chosing a cardLinda from the multiple cards available in Product Listing page. You can chose any of the card according to your choice.

How customers can use Mini-Cart on your E-commerce store?

  1. Customers can add products directly in Mini-Cart while shopping.

  2. On decreasing & increasing quantity they can add & delete the products. The plus & minus button on product which is showing to you is card specific. Store-owner can change the card from CommerceUp Platform. All cards are different & beautifully designed by CommerceUp UI team.

3. Customers can view the full cart instead of going on cart page. And go on cart page by clicking on the cart & checkout button to place an order.

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