How to Bulk Upload New Products

We assume that you are already prepared with your product CSV. If you do not know how to create a new product CSV, Please look at the following :
Great, Now you already have a product CSV ready. Please follow this checklist before uploading new products
  • Filled all required fields : Please make sure all required fields are filled and no empty rows are there
  • No empty rows : We recommend you to have no empty rows in between.
  • Image uploaded in gallery : If you are adding image in products, Please make sure to upload all images in Commerceup platform in gallery section before uploading CSV. Please make sure images uploaded have exact same name with extension as mentioned in csv.

Next, we have to Upload the CSV file. Follow the below steps

  1. 1.
    Click on the "Bulk Upload" button from the left menu.
  2. 2.
    Click on the "Upload New Products CSV" button.
The window will look like this:
Bulk Upload
3. Click on the Upload CSV button and browse the CSV file. (You can also download the sample CSV file to understand what a CSV looks like by clicking on the Sample CSV link just down below, and read the guidelines before creating or uploading CSV.)
4. You may check or uncheck "Use images uploaded in gallery" and "Ignore missing image" so that while mapping all the images mentioned in CSV is present in the gallery will be linked to that product and if any image that is missing from the gallery or CSV, will be ignored while uploading and mapping CSV. Once your file is located, click on Next, to continue the process further.
5. Map your fields with CommerceUp Fields
The next important step is to map your CSV fields with CommerceUp product fields. If done correctly, you will be able to add your products to your store .
a) After clicking on Next, you will be directed to the "Map your Fields" screen, which will look like the image below, on the left you have all the fields that were in your uploaded CSV, and on right you have all the commerceUp fields :
b) Next step is to map your CSV fields with commerceUp fields, which is just a simple Drag and Drop. Take the field of your uploaded CSV and drop it on to the respective CommerceUp Field. After mapping is done click on Save & Next, to save the mapping and go to the import screen.
Post-Mapping view
C) After saving mapping, the next step is to start the import of the added products through the Start Import button. On the same screen, you will also see the preview of the CSV products and Import result of the CSV
Start Import

Step 6: How to check if there are any errors

To verify the CSV has been uploaded successfully or if there are any errors, you will be directed to the Import logs screen where you can either scroll down on the logs and see if there are any errors or you can click on "Show Errors Only" to enlist all the errors. You can debug the CSV uploaded errors through the Import Logs window.
Import Logs