It's the biggest challenge for any store-keeper to build an audience for their products. But on the other hand, by putting good content in your blogs, you can drive the customers to your online shop, and then you can explore a way to monetize their traffic.

This feature helps your site to rank for relevant keywords, you can generate as much content as necessary, increase brand awareness, and establish online authority.

How to Create & Manage Blogs In CommerceUp Platform

Click on the Blogs tab in the CommerceUp Platform as shown in the figure. This will open the Blog window where you can add blogs for your e-commerce store. You can update these blogs & generate traffic for your business.

1. Add Blogs For Your Online Shop

Click on the Add New Blog Tab. This will open the Add Blog window through which you can add a new blog within a few simple steps. This action will require only your few minutes but its adds charms to your online e-commerce store.

You can add the blog title , its description, its thumbnail image, other images, and seo details as well. Now, without spending a lot of time & money, you can drive your customers to your virtual doors. Yes, this is a power of the dedicated blog.

2. Publish Your Blogs To Your E-commerce Store

Once you click on the Publish button; you added blog will show in the Blog List of window.

3. Multiple Operations Performed On Blogs

You can perform a different operations on your blogs like edit, view, & delete your blogs. You can search your blogs by using the Search Tab.

4. Manage Blogs By Adding on Menu Header

Click on Storefront then on Navigation Menus. It will open the Navigation Menu tab through which you can add your blogs in the menu header by clicking on the Add Menu Item and then select the open brand category on the available Type drop down option. Dashboard> Storefront> Navigation Menu> Add Menu Item> Type> Open Brand Category

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