Advanced Promotions & FAQ

We bring out the most advanced promotion offers which are user-friendly & developer -free.

How To Use:

  • Click on Marketing & chose an option Offers.

  • Click on Create Offer button.

  • Add basic information about the Product.

  • Choose Offer type: “Percentage” or “Flat”.

  • Add cover-image which is optional.

  • Apply the condition on “Buy this” & “Get this”.

  • “Buy this” is basically an X product for the customer. On the purchase of “X” product, a customer will get the free products or the products which are having the discounts in terms of percentage & flat.

  • “Get this” is basically a Y product. You can say that the product which is having the discount.

  • Choose Offer Active & End Date.

  • Click on the Save button to save the Promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different scenarios that come to our mind when we run sales, coupons, and offers run simultaneously on our online store. Will try to cover all the questions one by one. 1. When a sale is running then it will apply it to the original price or store price? Ans. If a product has two prices original price & the store price, the sale discount calculation has been calculated on store price. On the other hand, if a product has only a single price means the original & store price is the same then a calculation will be calculated on the single store price. 2. What will happen when sales & coupons run simultaneously. How the price will calculate? Ans. In this scenario first sale discount will be calculated on store price & after that coupon discount will be calculated. Will clear this by below example: Let product Test : Original Price: 200 Store Price: 100 Sale discount: 10% Coupon discount: 2% How does this scenario work? And what final price customer has to pay? In this scenario, the first sale discount will be calculated & our store price become: 90 from 100. And now coupon discount will be calculated on our new sale discounted price 90. In the second step; a coupon discount of 2% will apply. Coupon discount applies: 1.98. Now our final price becomes 97.02.

3. How a price calculation will calculate when an offer & coupon discount is running simultaneously? Ans. In this scenario, the first offer discount will calculate & then your coupon discount. Let we have a product Test which has a store price of 50 Rs. on which offer is running which has a discount of Rs. 32. Coupon discount: 2% Look at the calculation.

4. How Price will calculate when an offer, sales, and coupon discount is applied to the product? Ans. In that case, the first Offer discount will calculate & then the sale & at last coupon discount will calculate. Original Price: 200 Rs. Store Price: 100 Rs. Offer Discounted Price: 32 Rs. Coupon Discount: 2%

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