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If you want to boost sales, you need a well designed Product Listing Page. And you can do this by setting your own own store. With the help of CommerceUp Platform; you can design your Product Listing Page both for the desktop & mobile & make your store more attractive & different from others.

How to set PL-Page for Your Store:

  1. Click on Design->Listing Page->Desktop View Button.

2. There are two types of Listing Page i.e Type-1 & Type-2. You can check the preview of the Listing Page before make them publish. Basically the difference between these types is that: In Type 2 the size of the cards, buttons are of full width whereas in Type 1 you will find it smaller as compared to Type-1.

In Type-2 Product Listing filter screen is of full width whereas in Type-1 it doesn't happens same.

3. There are different cards we have which we can choose with these types. We have cardKingsPeak, cardGalerus, cardMitre, cardProduct, cardTrio, and cardLinda. You can chose any of the card as per your need.

4. We can show filters, top categories of our store, mini-cart, & best selling products on Cart by enabling & disabling this options.

5. You can set the background color, title color, sub-title color, and also set the font-size.

6. The additional things which you can do: Like changing of card width and height. Also set the margin from left, right, top, and bottom.

7. You can do the changes for Action Button like: textColor, borderColor, bgColor, border width, and textFont.

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