A discount coupon consists of some terms & conditions. If these conditions are met, a discount will apply. In the same way, there are some terms & conditions on the CommerceUp Platform which need to be followed to apply coupons. How To Apply Coupon?

  • Click on the Create Coupon button.

  • Check Active button. Enter the coupon code & Its basic description.

  • Apply Discount in Percentage or Flat from the Discount Options.

  • Choose the option from Applies to. It basically defines on which level you want to apply coupon.

There are five types of levels on which you can apply coupons:

Through these different types of coupons, your customers can get the best offers, promo codes, discounts, and cashback offers.

  • Entire Orders- This type of coupon will apply on the Cart level. They are also called Cart level Coupons.

  • Item Level Coupons- This type of coupon will apply to the specific level of products, categories, and brands.

  • Combined Item Level Coupons- This coupon will apply to the combined purchase of specific products, categories, and brands.

  • Cashback- Through this coupon, you can give a cashback to your customers in the form of a Coupon. Customers can redeem this discount/cashback on their next purchase (Note- if cashback is selected then it will not be reflected directly into the total amount but will be credited into the wallet). If you are not familiar with how to use wallet functionality & its usage, read our document:

  • App-Only Coupon- Once you enable this coupon; it will show only on the app, not on the web. That's why they are App-Only Coupons or you can say that they are App-specific Coupons.

  • New-User Only Coupon: Once enabled, this coupon will only be available to newly registered users of your store.

What else can you do?

  • You can set the minimum purchase amount on which Coupon will apply at different levels: Entire Orders, Item Level, Combined Item Level, Cashback, and App Only Coupon.

  • You can set the Usage limits to Coupons: There are two types of usage limits: Enable Limit Per User & Total Limit. It is a non-mandatory option. It’s your wish if you want to activate it or not. You can use them separately or in combination.

  • Single Combination: You can set the total limit of coupons without using the option Enable Limit Per User. Here, I set the total limit for coupons: 100.

  • Combined Combination: In Combined Combination; you can use the two options at the same time. I set the limit of coupon 1 per user. And the total limit of coupons is 100.

Cart Items Setting

This is an important setting in which you choose the item type on which you want to apply the coupon. There are four types on which you can apply Item or Combined Item level coupons.

What are the four types? 1. Category - You can apply the Item or Combined Item Level Coupon to a specific category. 2. Collection - You can apply coupons to a specific collection. 3. Brand - You can apply the Item or Combined Item Level Coupon to a specific brand. 4. Product - If you want to apply coupons on a specific product, go with this option.

  • Select the start & end date time of the coupon.

  • Choose the “type” from the Cart Item Settings.

  • Finally, click on the Save button.

Important Points

  • If Cart level coupon applied, it will show in Cart only.

  • If item & combined level coupon applied, it will show in the PL, PDP, and in Cart.

  • If sales & coupons are applied combined on the same “type” which you have chosen during create coupons & sales, it will show the Coupon tag on PL, PDP, and in Cart.

  • If coupons & offers are applied combined on the same “type”, it will show the tag “Offers” on the PL Page. Coupons are shown only on PDP and in Cart only.

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