Product Categories

This is the major and important step for any online storekeeper to determine which product falls under which category. The categories that you create here will not only streamline your products but also will be visible on your store's product listing page. Your customers will be able to use these categories as filters to sort out the products they wish to buy. And for this, you have to know how to add a new category for New Products & Existing Products.
Categories Screen
By going to Catalog --> Categories, you can perform multiple actions on your existing categories like - view all the products in a category, check the total count of active/published products of a category, you can edit a category or delete a category, and add new categories to your products.
  1. 1.
    To view all the products in an existing category, click on "View Products". To know more about "View Products" section, visit:How to update an existing category
  2. 2.
    To know the total count of all the published/active products in a category, click on "View Count" button.
View Count Pop-Up
3. You can also Edit the detail of a category by clicking on the "Edit" button.
Edit category detail
In the Edit Details section, you will have options to upload Thumbnail image and banner image to your category. Also, you can Enable/Disable SEO details for your category.
4. You can delete a category by clicking on the "Delete" button.
Delete Category
5. To know how to add new categories and Products (New or Existing) to the category, visit:How to add a new category To know how to add categories in bulk with your new products or existing products, visit: How to add categories in bulk