Multi Lingual Store (Arabic RTL Support)

There are the most popular e-commerce websites which are multilingual. It means every language that you are adding to your store; you are giving a chance to more potential customers. With the help of CommerceUp Platform; you can easily convert your current website into the Arabic language.

Benefits of Multi-lingual E-commerce

  • Reaching a larger audience.

  • Reducing Bounce & Improving Conversion Rates.

  • Establishing a Competitive Advantage.

  • Customer Centrism

  • Cost-Efficient Marketing

and many more.

How You Can Enable Multi-Lingual

Step 1 Enable Multilingual From Admin Panel. The very first & basic step is: Enable Multilingual from the admin panel. Please do this setting from the Admin Panel.

Step 2 Do Basic Setting The second step is to fill the basic information of your multilingual store. To fill the basic information; follow the below steps:

  • Click on Settings->Basic

  • Change the Primary tab to Arabic.

  • Fill required information

  • Add your substore Domain

In basic information; there is a field named as substore Domain; where you have to mention the domain of your store. On this domain your arabic store will run.

How to Convert Products Primary Language To Arabic

There are two ways through which you can convert product primary language into Arabic. 1.Via Edit Product 2. Via Bulk Import

  1. Via Edit Product

  • Click on Catalog-->All Products->Edit->Other Language

  • Fill the Product Information In Arabic

  • Fill SEO information in Arabic

2. Via Bulk Import

You can update product languages into Arabic in bulk via Import. Let see how you can use the import for Arabic. If you are new here, pls read your document how to upload & update bulk products via Import.

  • Click on Bulk Upload->Add New Datasource

  • Upload your Arabic CSV

  • Map uploaded fields with CommerceUp Arabic fields.

  • Click on Save & Next button. And finally click on Start Import button.

How To Convert Category Primary Language Into Arabic

Please look at the below simple steps; how you can convert your Primary language category into Arabic Language. Don''t forget to change Primary language into Arabic.

  • Click on Catalog->Categories->Edit->Other language

  • Click on Update button & save your Arabic language.

In the same way; you can change the language for Brands, Menu, Collection, Blogs, and Static Pages.

Let's take a look how we convert Primary Static Pages in Arabic: 1. Click on Online Store->Static Pages 2. Click on Edit

3. Convert Primary to Arabic.

4. Add the information in Arabic.

How We Convert Primary Home Page To Arabic 1. Click on Design Tab

2. Chose the view for which you want to change the content. Here I am chosing a desktop view with Arabic Language.

3. Click on Home Page & Upload your banners for Arabic. a) Click on Add New Widget->Chose Your Widget for whom which you want to add the design & its content. b) Add Arabic Images. Images should be in Arabic content.

c) Apply the action on particular Image

d) Click on Save button.

e) Click on Save & Publish button to publish your design.

In the same way; you can design your home page for mobile.

Checklist For Arabic: Through this checklist; you can easily know what content you can upload in Arabic via CommerceUp Platform without taking anyone help. And for what content you need to take help from CommerceUp developers & their team.

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