How to add new Attribute

How to add new attributes and associate them to a products variant using the platform.
Through the CommerceUp platform, you can add an attribute and assign it to a product by using the below easy steps
  1. 1.
    Go to Catalog -> Attributes & Filters -> Add Attributes
Product Attribute
2. In the "Create New Attribute" pop-up, enter the name of your attribute (Like size or color), then select the type of value (i.e. Text, Hex, Pattern). For example, we are creating "Size" as our attribute and giving it values like S, M, L.
Create New attribute wind
( Note - To give multiple values to the value of the attribute, separate them by a comma. )
3. Now Click on the Save button, and your attribute will be visible in the Product Attributes window.
To associate attributes with a product, follow the below steps.
  1. 1.
    Go to Catalog -> All Products, Locate your product and click on the Edit button.
All Products
2. Now, in the Edit Products window, click on the Variant -> Create New Variant
3. In the Create variant pop up, select the attribute and its values for your variant. Then click on the Apply Variant button.
Create variant
You may also add new values to your attribute by clicking on the Add New Value button from the same pop-up window.
You can select the attribute which you want to use as a filter on your product listing page, by going to Catalog -> Attributes & Filters -> Manage Search Filters
Now in the Search filter window, select the attribute you want to use as a filter and click on the Save button.