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If you want to change the placement of your logo, search bar and the icon visible on the top of the website or want to make any changes in the font & color of your icons just follow the steps below. A small toolbar option will appear on left side of the page and you can test the live changes on the screen before publish them on live store.

Select any color / font/ style as per your need and click on save and then published.

  1. Upload Logo

Store logo is the part of identification or in the other words you can say that it is the symbol through which your customers recognize your brand. I uploaded the logo for my store & same you can do this.

All d best!

2. Toolbar Styling

You can design your store toolbar for both web & mobile view very easily & smoothly. The best part is that you don't require any technical knowledge; only just spending your few minutes you can make your store more beautifully designed & attractive.

We will start with toolbar logos for your desktop view of website. To do changes for your toolbar desktop view; you have to click on the highlighted desktop icon as shown in the image.

There are five types of toolbar styling for your online store. You can choose any one of them & applied by click on the radio button as shown in the below figure. Don't forget to click on Save & Publish button. The changes will not reflect until you save & publish your changes.

Before applying you can see the preview of the toolbar logo on CommerceUp Platform. This will give you a better idea how your store will look & you can do the changes accordingly.

Toolbar Styling For Desktop:

Toolbar styling for mobile:

How your website looks on mobile? Seems confused!

We are here to help you!! Click on the mobile view button as shown in the below figure to do the following changes like change of toolbar, background color, icon color, change of text, and so on.

There are two types of toolbar styling for mobile which you can set as per your need.

2.Text color, font size and more

You can apply background color, text color, icon color & also change the title font & font-size with the help of respective buttons as shown in the figure. Also, you can check the changes in the preview section which helps you to make your store more better. And the same settings you can change for mobile as well.

3. Wishlist & Cart Background color

You can change the cart & whislist background color with the help of given buttons as shown in figure.

4. Enable/ Disable options

Here you can enable/ disable the option & set your priority which you want to show & which you don't want to show at the top of your website.

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