Add Simple-Item Products (Basic)

Selling online with your e-commerce store has to be easy, scalable, and faster. This requires a strong platform that helps you to manage your store with ease.

Welcome to the CommerceUp Platform, where you can easily add a simple product to your online store & make it visible to your customers in a few minutes. We will start by adding the first simple product to your online store.

To add a simple product, follow the below steps:

1) Add Products in Catalog.

Go to Catalog->All Products->Add Product. A pop-up window will open. Each & every operation in here is user-friendly & optimized.

2) Add Product Details:

Through this pop-up window, you can add the Product Name, Product image, Category of Product, Product Price, Quantity, and SKU of your product.

3) Add More Details:

Click on Add More Detail button to add more details of your product such as Product description, its variant (if any), custom fields, SEO details, and other details.

4) Product Detail Form

This window lets you add more detailed information about your product which will be used as Storefront. You can make your store more representative to your customers via this form.

What you can do with this form?

You can add several fields such as Product's Short & Long Description, Add Original Price & Store Price, Upload Other Images for your Product description page, add a delivery day for your product, and many more.

5) Save Product

Click on Save & Close button to save the product or the Save & Continue button to save the current changes made and go to another detail tab. Once you save the product, it will be visible in the "Catalog->All Products" section.

6) Publish Product in Your E-commerce Store.

CommerceUp provides a simple way to publish & unpublish your products from your e-commerce store. One-click and your product will publish in your online store.

Take a look:

7) View Product in Catalog

You can view your product from the All Products section. And, verify all your added details. Here you can see the type of item (i.e. Simple-Item), from where you can easily know whether the product has any variant or not.

What other operations a user can perform through this window?

You can also publish or unpublish your product, Edit details, or Delete the product by clicking on the respective buttons.

Thank you for reading this document. We hope you will find it useful & easy to add a simple product to your online store through the CommerceUp Platform. We appreciate your comments & always here to solve your queries:

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