Delete Products

You can delete products in commerceup in three ways

  1. Delete products individually

  2. Delete products in bulk

  3. Clear your catalog

Delete Products Individually

You can delete products individually by going in Catalog->All Products section.

You will be able to see a Delete button associated with every product. Clicking the Delete button will ask for confirmation and you can delete this product from your catalog. You can individually delete variants by going to the variant section.

Delete Products in Bulk from dashboard

You can delete the products in bulk by selecting products in the Catalog->All Products section.

You can either select all the products visible on the current screen from the left dropdown and then click on the "Select Visible Product" or via checkbox one by one

After selecting your products, click on the Delete button from the top menu, It will ask for confirmation before deleting selected products.

Clear your catalog

Warning: You can clear all of your products with one click, We suggest using it only when it's needed. You will be solely responsible for this action and this cannot be undone.

It will not clear any of your images but it will clear your categories, brands, collections, products for you.

You can do this by going in Settings -> Reset Data.

You will see two options as Clear your testing catalog and Clear your catalog.

Clear testing Catalog: It will only clear the catalog which gets created while signing up and having dummy products

Clear your Catalog: It will clear all your catalog data associated till now.

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