How to Add and Manage Custom search Filters

Effective product filters make it easier for your customers to find products in your online store. It is the fastest approach to get your customers from the home page to the product detail page. You can easily search for any product with the help of custom filters. It is the best way for any customer to reach out to a specific product. How To Add Product Custom Filters For Your Online Store?

You can add filters for your products in 2 ways. 1. Add Custom Filters Manually 2. Via Import 1. Add Custom Filters Manually Through this method; you can add custom fields/filters one by one for each product. a) Click on Catalog->All Products->Edit

b) Click on the Specification tab. To add New Custom Field, click on the Add New Custom Field.

c) Here we are adding Custom Field Name as "Fit Type" with a value of "Comfort Fit". Here "Fit Type" is the Custom Field Name & "Comfort Fit" is the Custom Field Value.

Click on the Save & Next button.

2. Via Import

You can also add custom filters via Import. If you add custom filters for bulk products, this is the best way. 1. Click on Bulk Upload->Upload New Products

2. Upload CSV file & click on the Next button. Your CSV file: a) Add a single custom key Here ABC is the value of the custom key Manufacturer.

b) Add multiple values for a single custom key You can add more than one value for the custom key Manufacturer with the help of commas. Here we will add custom value ABC, DEF for custom key Manufacturer.

3. Create your own Custom key by choosing an option: " Will be used to show on storefront". Here we are creating a Custom field "Manufacturer".

4. Map your Custom field with a CommerceUp custom field.

Manage Your Search Filters

You can manage your search filters from the "Attributes & Filters" tab. Please look at the below steps: 1. Click on Catalog->Attributes & Filters->Manage Search Filters 2. You can select or unselect the filters from the Search Filters. In this way, you can add or remove the filters from your store.

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