Commerceup Ongoing Support : How does it work?
Commerceup provides following support to merchants for running their business on commerceup

This is included for all merchants, Commerceup is a pre-hosted platform and platform maintenance and automatic upgrades are handled by commerceup core team. This support includes :
  • Uptime support
  • Fixing if any feature on platform stops working
You can reach out to commerceup team directly via Commerceup support center in platform or can connect at [email protected]

As commerceup is a pre-hosted platform so your store's hosting is managed by commerceup. This becomes our responsibility to make sure your websites are up and running 24 hours.
Due to maintenance period and other unavoidable circumstances, We support 99.8% uptime annually. If there is any issues with your website, You can directly reach to commerceup team or dedicated account managers. This type of issues are treated as priority and resolved under few minutes.

As a Commerceup Platform customer, you have access to support ticket system which can be found here :
How it works?
  • Select your issue type
  • Our support team will review your issue & assign a due date, According to scope of work, additional cost may be added and will be informed to you in advance.
  • Our technical team will resolve your issue before the due date
  • You can mark your issue closed once you are satisfied with resolution provided
We're available to help at any time by email, but please remember that after-hours support is reserved for C1 or "System Down" issues. C1 issues are situations where (1) multiple users are unable to access the interface or (2) reports show no data. Before submitting a C1 issue, check to see if the issue has already been reported by team.
Should you require assistance with such a C1 issue outside of normal business hours (10:00 am to 6:00 pm IST, Monday to Friday, except on holidays), please use "C1" in the subject line of your email. We'll respond within two hours. Refer to the following table for information on the various support options and priority levels

Subject Line
Guidelines for Use
Estimated Response Times
C1, Critical Priority
"C1" or "System Down"
Your customers are not able to access website or apps.
Your customers are not able to make any transactions.
Your reports are not showing data, or the interface is unavailable to multiple users.
Initial target response: Two (2) hours after ticket submission. Target resolution or workaround: Priority reduced to C2 within 2-6 hours.
C2, High Priority
Customer journey on online store and reporting are working, but other functions are not which are important for business and impacting the sales directly.
Initial target response: 4 (4) hours from ticket submission. Target resolution or workaround: Within twenty-four (24) hours.
C3, Normal Priority
Standard functionality issues which is already been delivered or in the system.
UI and Design Issues on website
Initial target response: Within 1 business day via email. Target resolution or workaround: Within five (5) business days.
Apps submission will take extra 3 days.
C4, Low Priority
Minor issues with your system. Product enhancement or feature requests.
Initial target response: Within two (2) business days via email; updates provided as necessary. Target resolution or workaround: Within five (5) to ten (10) business days or depending on feature request and given timelines via commerceup support team.
Target resolution times are goals. Depending on the volume and severity of tickets submitted, response times and time to resolution may vary. Occasionally, an issue may need to be escalated to our engineering team. In such cases, it may take more time to resolve the issue.

Your business is important to us and need proper attention, In that case we provide you an account manager which can be part of our core team or partner team. Account manager becomes your first point of contact to raise any requests/concerns happening on your store.
You can opt for account manager support additionally if not done already.
You can raise complaints or can raise new feature requests as per discussion with your account manager. You can reach your account manager directly via platform, Your account manager details are listed on commerceup platform dashboard or can reach via email/whatsapp provided you over emails.
Responsibilities of Account Manager :
  • Account manager will co-ordinate with merchants over phone, email or online meeting link as and when requested. According to priority of issues shared above, These calls can be introduced.
  • Account manager knows in and out of your store and maintain a progress sheet to keep merchant updated.
  • Account manager becomes first point of contact to resolve queries related to platform. If any requests require developers support, Account manager creates internal tickets for developers to resolve this issue. Once issue is resolved from development side, Account manager will notify merchants via call/email/whatsapp.
  • Due to content privacy policies, Account manager will not be pushing data/content to website on behalf of you but available to train merchant as and when required.
1 Account manager is responsible for 1 store or project. If there are additional stores which are managed by separate teams, another account manager will be assigned and subscription charges will be added accordingly.
Frequently asked questions regarding support :
I am facing problems with platform, not able to login or a page/feature not working.
My website is down and or having problems for checkout, What should i do?
Are there any office hours to contact account manager or your support team?
I want to make few changes in UI/UX on my website, How it works?
When do we need to update mobile apps for any changes?
I want to add new business feature/ 3rd party integration in platform, How it works?
What kind of customization can be done directly from platform and other need commerceup experts support?
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