Enable Notify Me- When Products are Out of Stocks (For Store-Owners)

No matter if you are a small online store or a giant brand, it is quite common that your products may run out of stock, or your stock management system may not be in place.

The Notify me module provides for store-owners to know which out-of-stock products are in customer demand. It allows the owners to get notified when an out of stock product gets requested by any customer. The admin can choose to inform the users automatically or manually. Out Of Stock is a useful add-on for both the admin and the customers of the store.

  • Publishers can receive Notify requests for both Guest & Logged-in users.

  • Support to all types of products i.e simple & configurable

  • Notify-Button will be visible when a Relevance is set in the Sort-By option.

Why do you need the Notify Me Function?

  1. Store-owners can provide better user experience by efficiently managing product inventory based on customers' preferences.

  2. Admin can track subscriptions for product popularity.

  3. Store owners will be aware of the customers' needs and use this information to increase sales

How The Out Of Stock Feature Works?

Admin can enable out of stock product notification from the backend by following the below steps:

  1. Click on Settings->Advanced Features->Enable Out of Stock Products.

2. After this step; Out of stock products of your store start showing to your customers in this way:

3. It will show everywhere where product-listing comes: On Home-Page Product Widgets, Collection Page, Brand-Listing page, Category-Listing Page, In More Products section, In Recently View Products, and Frequently Purchased Items on cart page.

4. The Out-of-stock tag will show for both simple & configurable items.

  • If all variants of config-items are 0, out of stock tag will show on Product Listing Page.

  • If 1 variant or more than 1 variants are out of stock then the tag will show on the Product Listing page.

  • Out of stock tag will be shown for all simple--items (The items which are having no variants).

5. Out of stock tag will show both on desktop & mobile.

How Notify Feature Notification Works?

  1. Click on Settings->Advanced Features->Enable Notify Publisher Button.

2. Once you enable this button; Notify button start showing for all out of stock products.

3. This button will show on both Product-Listing & Product Description page. Let's take a look for out of stock simple item.

4. Notify button will show for config-items in the following cases.

a) When all variants are out of stock only then Notify button will be shown on Product Listing Page & Product Description Page for all variants.

b) When one or more than variant is out of stock then the Notify button will not be shown for all. It will be shown only for out of stock variants on Product Listing & Product Description page.

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