Shipment Rules & Their Methods

Effective shipping method & its rules are one of the most impactful steps to grow your business online. The world of shipping looks complex since you are not familiar with it. We have got a summary of everything, now you have to decide which will best suit your business. You will have the logistic option to select the shipment of your products.

All the Shipping rules & their methods in CommerceUp Platform is very easy & efficient for your business. The key point is that; you don't need any technical knowledge to add these shipping rules for your online e-commerce shop. By spending your few minutes here, you can learn how to manage shipment settings & add shipping rules as per your choice.

Shipment Settings & Its Rules

  1. To add shipment rules & their methods, you have to click on the Settings-> Shipment. It will open the Shipment Settings window. The view of the window looks like this:

2. Click on the Shipping Rule button to add shipment rules for your store.

  1. Add Single & Multiple Country in Your Online Shop

You can sell your products in a single country or in multiple countries. It will depend upon your requirements. The question arise what you have to do? Search the country from the drop-down menu of Available Countries to Sell & add it in the list of Countries as shown in the figure.

2. Shipping Rules & Its Methods

We will start one by one & give you an overview on how to apply these shipping rules to run your store.

  1. Free Shipping.

If you want to add free delivery for all the products added in your store, choose the option "Free Shipping". It will add the delivery charges "Free" & show a message "Free Delivery on all Orders" to your Customers. Seems interesting? Try it by yourself!!

Look at the below image, it will give you more clarification & make your task easy.

2. Free Shipping Above Order Value:

In this method, you can set the shipping charges as per order, as per product, and as per the product weight. We will understand this one by one with the help of an example.

  • Shipping Charges per Order

In this method, you can set the shipping charges for your customers as per their total order value. Now, I have set the Free delivery charges as per order value 250 INR. If the total order value of any customer purchase is less than 250 INR, delivery charges would be applicable as INR 100.

  • Shipping Charges per Product

This method clearly defines what it means. You can set the shipping charges for the products as per their value. Look at the below figure:

I set the Shipping charges free for those products whose value is above than 250 AED. And the products whose value is less than 250 AED charges would be applicable 100 AED.

Don't write the currency with the amount in shipping rules. You can set the currency for your project by clicking on the Settings-> Basic option.

  • Shipping Charges as per Product weight

You can set the shipping charges as per the product weight. Here I am set the shipping charges for those items whose lies in the weight range of 250 & 100. I set the delivery charges 20 AED.

In the same way, you can set the different shipment charges as per product weight by clicking on the Add button. Please don't forget to click on the Save button in all these methods.

3. No-Free Shipping:

If you want to set no free shipping for your customers, definitely you have to go with this method. You can set the shipping charges as per the total order value, as per the product, and as per the Product weight.

The view of the window looks like this:

In this method, there are no free delivery charges for your customers. Delivery charges would be applicable as per the values you set in the "No Free Shipping" methods

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