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Menu navigation is one of the critical parts of your store design. As we know good navigation provides an improved user experience which leads to revenue & more sales. On the other side, if navigation is poor, it frustrates your customers, leading to a higher bounce rate.

Most of the e-commerce sites found that the users were unable to find the products due to the poor interface. That's show how important menu is for design your store. As you are dealing with multiple/ minimal categories then you can select the way you want to showcase them on your website.

The background color of menu bar and the text color, font and size can be managed from here-

Menu Types:

1. Type 1

Click on Menu-> Type1 as shown in the figure. From this screen you can handle the look of menu part & how exactly it will look on your online store. You can manage the menu part both for the desktop & mobile both. To apply type-1 desktop menu Click the first type-1 menu & click on Save & Publish button. You can also look at the preview of desktop menu on your own CommerceUp Platform.

On Your Store: Type1 menu:

Both the types are different & you are implemented in your system very easily. In Type-1 hierarchy the menus which are having sub-menus will be recognize by small drop-down icon. On clicking on that icon submenu will open in vertical way.

2. Type 2

Choose the type-2 & click on save & publish button to view the changes. In Type-2

On Your Online Store: Type 2 Desktop Menu

3. Type-3

Choose the Type-3 from desktop menu. The look of the Type-3 desktop menu will look as shown in the below figure:

Mobile Menu:

There are five types of mobile menu's as shown in the figure. You can choose any of the menu as apply for your store. Without applying the changes you can check it on the preview view for your better understanding how actually it will work. And it reduces your time as well.

Changing the page order in the navigation bar-

  1. To create your Navigation Menu, click on storefront , then navigation menus and the Add menu bar will display on the right.

  2. You can choose whether or not the Navigation Menu will show up.

  3. Align the pages in your Navigation Menu.

  4. Change the style of your Navigation Menu.

  5. Click and drag the gripper bar up or down to change the page order.

  6. You can set an icon to appear on the side of each page in the Navigation Menu.

  7. Click then drag and drop for sub category ( i.e Main category - Woman & Sub category -kurtis .

  8. Save your changes when you finish.

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