Gift Voucher

If you are going to promote your business on a large scale, it is important for your business to have all the important features. And one of the most important & ongoing trends that your customers love exchanging gift cards. It is widely growing & appreciated in all industrial sectors. Through gift vouchers, you can increase your brand visibility, customer loyalty, and provide special benefits to the customers. Steps to Enable Gift Voucher 1. Click on Your Apps -> Gift Voucher

2. Check the Enable Gift Voucher

How to Create Gift Voucher This is a very simple step. You can make any simple product as Gift Voucher. You just need to choose the option Gift Voucher from Edit Products. 1. Create Simple Product In CommerceUp; you can create two types of products i.e Simple & Config. Simple Product means which has no variants. And a config product has variants. For more detailed information read our document. You can make a simple product as Gift Voucher, not a config product. a) Click on Catalog->All Products->Add Product.

b) Enter basic details of the Gift Voucher Product.

2. Enable Gift Voucher option from Edit Product

a) Go to the Product & click on the Edit button.

b) Enable an option Is Gift Voucher

c) Finally click on Save & Close button to save the details.

  • How To Send Gift Voucher to Customer directly via a Backend? You can send a gift voucher manually via a backend to your customers by following below mentioned steps.

1. Go to Your Apps-> Gift Voucher -> Create Voucher.

2. Enter Voucher Amount & Receiver mail and click on the Save button.

How To Redeem Gift Voucher in Customer Wallet? To redeem the gift voucher code, it is mandatory that the wallet functionality is enabled in your store. Because redeem balance will reflect in customer's wallet only.

To know how to enable wallet & its usage, visit:Wallet Cashback & Loyalty Program

How a Sender can send the Gift Voucher to Recipient?

The Sender will have to enter the email id of the recipient and click on the Add to Cart button.

2. The sender can't apply any coupon if a gift voucher is added to its cart.

3. After placing an order, the recipient will receive a voucher code on his mail id.

4. Redeem Gift voucher amount in recipient wallet.

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